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Filament Fiber Winding

  • up to 5 meter lenght and 300 mm diameter
  • You want stiffness? You will get it!

Fiber winding, indeed, offers remarkable flexibility and advantages in composite manufacturing. Let’s delve into the details:

  1. Customizable Fiber Angles: The ability to adjust fiber angles in each layer allows tailoring the composite’s mechanical properties. By optimizing the orientation, we can enhance strength, stiffness, and other characteristics based on specific requirements .
  2. Wide Elastic Modulus Range: The process enables a vast range of elastic moduli, from 300 MPa (for more flexible applications) up to an impressive 450,000 MPa (for high-performance structures). This adaptability makes it suitable for diverse applications .
  3. Integration of Sensors and Channels: Fiber winding allows seamless integration of sensors, channels, and other functional elements directly into the composite structure. This capability is invaluable for creating smart materials or components with embedded functionalities .
  4. Complex Geometries: The process accommodates intricate shapes, including long and thin channels for coolant flow. This versatility is particularly advantageous for aerospace, automotive, and other industries where space optimization is critical .
  5. Sensing Capabilities: By integrating temperature and vibration sensors, fiber-wound parts can actively monitor their environment. This real-time data can enhance safety, performance, and maintenance strategies 

Design and Simulation

Designing CFRP-components is completely different to metallic components. The material properties are part of the design variables. The solution and therefore optimization possibilities become infinite. We have built up the know-how and software tools to design ideal CFRP-components taking into account all the different problems regarding electro-magnetic powertrains (for example electro-magnetism, heat transfer or the bearing arrangement). We are able to tailor the material properties to the needs of our customers.Thats the key to build superior electric drives.

  • Simulation of single parts: CFRP Sleeves for Rotors/ Couplings / Drive shafts
  • Simulation of entire Systems: We delve into the intricate dynamics of electric motors, encompassing aspects such as ball bearing design and mechanical behavior under varying loads and speeds. Our focus extends to the entire drive chain, ensuring a holistic understanding of performance.

High Precision Manufacturing

  • Grinding Composite Materials
  • Up 1000 mm length and 300mm diameter

Runout and and concentricity within µm range are the driving force behind our high-speed applications


  • Testing up to 200kN
  • Measurement of stiffness/force/deflection with an accuracy of less than 1µm
  1. Stiffness Analysis:
    • Curious about your motor’s stiffness? We’ve got you covered! Our team can determine the stiffness properties of your motor, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
  2. Eigenfrequency Exploration:
    • Eigenfrequencies are like a secret language spoken by structures. Let us decipher it for you! We’ll identify those discrete frequencies at which your system naturally vibrates. Whether it’s a musical instrument, an industrial machine, or a bridge, understanding eigenfrequencies is crucial for stability and safety.
  3. Strength Assessment:
    • How robust are your components? Our rigorous testing methods reveal the true strength of your parts. From materials to welds, we’ll provide insights that empower your design decisions.