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Discover Our cutting edge motor spindles made out of carbon fiber

Why Choose Carbon-Drive?

Carbon reinforced plastic has unbeatable stiffness to mass ratio and 20-100 times better damping properties. It is very light and, when properly designed, has no thermal elongation. This offers clear advantage over steel. We are able to tailor the material behavior to our customers`need. That´s the key to build superior electric drives, that meet the increasing demand for dynamic, but durable and energy saving drives.

Specs: HSK-40 / Weight 4.9 kg / Power 10 kw / Lenght 190 mm / OD 109 mm / Speed 30.000 RPM

Whats your Benefit?

Are you ready to revolutionize your machining game? Look no further! Our cutting-edge Carbon Fiber Motor Spindles are here to redefine performance, efficiency, and thermal stability.

Vibration? What Vibration?

Carbon fiber’s innate damping properties turn your system into a zen master. No more jitters or wobbles – just smooth, uninterrupted motion. Whether you’re sculpting intricate details or hogging out material, your workpiece will thank you.

Zero Thermal Drama

Say farewell to thermal expansion woes! Our carbon fiber motor spindles remain rock-solid, even when the heat cranks up. Shorter warm-up times mean you’re in the zone faster, and your tool center point stays put throughout the operation. No more frustrating recalibrations!

Light as a Feather, Powerful as Thunder

By crafting motor spindles from carbon fiber, we’ve slashed the weight while turbocharging the power density. Imagine a featherweight champion packing a knockout punch! Say goodbye to sluggish movements and hello to lightning-fast precision.

All Carbon-Motor Spindels with exceptional power density

HSK-50 Spindle in a Robot Milling Application

Specs: Power 21 kw | Weight 12.9 kg | Speed 20.000 rpm | Length 300mm | OD 140mm | Automatic Tool Changer 8 bar

Carbon Drive Shaft

Carbon Drive Shaft for Aircraft Turbine Test Bench

Specs: Torque 5000 Nm | Speed 22.000 rpm | Length 1000mm | Diameter 100 mm | Laminat Thickness 3mm


Carbon Drive GmbH utilize the imperior properties of carbon fiber to hit physical limits. This is the key to build superior carbon-drive technology. We are the worlds first manufacturer of electric carbon motors and provide unique solutions for high demanding applications.

Entire Carbon-Motor Spindles

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Rotor Sleeves & Carbon Drive Shafts

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High Speed Carbon Couplings

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Carbon Tool Holder

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Grants and Awards

LOEWE is a program of the State of Hesse for the promotion of cutting-edge research. It serves to develop scientific and economic excellence.

EXIST Transfer of Research is a program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and supports outstanding research-oriented projects

Carbon-Drive was selected as one of the finalists for the Hessian Founder Award, which honors outstanding start-ups and business concepts

JEC World is the world’s leading trade fair for composite materials. Carbon-Drive was selected by a jury of experts to exhibit at the JEC in Paris.

MM-Award at EMO – the world’s leading Trade Fair for Production Technology – for the best Innovation in the Category Drive Technology